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Francesca Ceroni

Graduated in Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies from the University of Bologna, Italy, in 2007. She then obtained a PhD in Bioengineering from the same university in 2011 working under the supervision of Silvio Cavalcanti and Emanuele Giordano. Her thesis examined the design of synthetic genetic constructs in living prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells for the control of cell functions. In particular, her work focused on deepening the feasibility of a bottom-up approach in the design of synthetic circuits.
From January to May 2010, she was Visiting Research Fellow in the Laboratory of Prof. Pam Silver, in the Dept. of Systems Biology at the Harvard Medical School of Boston, USA. She worked towards the development of a synthetic device for real-time detection of microRNAs in single cancer cells.
In January 2013 Francesca Ceroni joined the Imperial College London as Research Associate in Synthetic Biology under the supervision of Dr. Tom Ellis and Dr. Guy-Bart Stan. Her work aimed at examining the causes of physiological burden in Escherichia coli when transformed with foreign genetic devices in order to identify design rules for future synthetic systems.
From October 2016 Francesca is Junior Research Fellow of Imperial College London at the Chemical Engineering Department. As independent researcher she now looks forward to broadening her interests on cellular burden and the partitioning of intracellular resources in the more complex system of mammalian cells.