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Automatic quantification of (cancer) cell invasiveness

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Quantification of (cancer) cell invasiveness can be obtained through the "scratch wound healing assay", a simple experimental framework evaluating the rate at which the tested cells are able to fill a gap expressly produced in a confluent culture. Despite its being widely used, the approaches used to analyse this in-vitro assay lack standardization and do not allow for an accurate and objective evaluation of the result. To address this limitation Cell-Invasiv-o-Meter was developed. This is an open source software tool developed in Matlab that exploits local entropy to isolate the wound region and quantify its area. The proposed protocol(available in the download section) standardizes the assay and allows to reliably quantify its results.


This tool needs:

- MATLAB and Image Processing Toolbox, The MathWorks, Inc., Natick, Massachusetts, United States.
- imoverlay (



Wound healing

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Marilisa Cortesi

(M. BioEng.; PhD candidate in Bioengineering) is a biomedical scholar active at the University of Bologna. Her work focuses on the computational representation of gene expression networks.