Monday, 05 Jun 2023

A 3D multiphase stem cell-based construct

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Schematic illustration of a 3D multiphase stem cell-based construct. The scaffold is formed by fibrin hydrogel coating a hyaluronate braided band to embed a) human-bone marrow mesenchimal stem cells (hBMSCs – yellow baby octopuses) and b) poly-lactide-co-glycolide (PLGA) microcarriers (green marbles) loaded with human-growth differentiation factor 5 (hGDF-5) into a multiphase deformable tissue construct able of both biochemical signaling and mechanical strain delivery. The free ends of the hyaluronate band allowed the docking into the holders of a mechanical actuation system for cyclic load transfer


3D multphase

Published in Tissue Engineering
Giovanna Della Porta

(B. Sc.; PhD in Bioengineering) is a biomedical scholar active at the University of Salerno in the field of Tissue Engineering. Her main expertise deals with the synthesis, via an original technology using supercritical CO2, of 3D scaffold & bioactive microcarriers for the controlled release of growth factors inducing cell phenotype commitment. More