Monday, 05 Jun 2023

Tissue Engineering

Proper mechanical loadings prime a specific tissue differentiation

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During bone regeneration, intermediate tissues - such as fibrous connective tissue, cartilage and woven bone - precede final bone formation, providing initial mechanical stability and a scaffold for tissue differentiation. The mechanical loading affects the regeneration process, with different stress distribution favouring, or inhibiting, differentiation of ...

A 3D multiphase stem cell-based construct

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Schematic illustration of a 3D multiphase stem cell-based construct. The scaffold is formed by fibrin hydrogel coating a hyaluronate braided band to embed a) human-bone marrow mesenchimal stem cells (hBMSCs – yellow baby octopuses) and b) poly-lactide-co-glycolide (PLGA) microcarriers (green marbles) loaded with human-growth differentiation factor 5 (hGDF-5) into ...