Tuesday, 03 Oct 2023

Computational Tools

Semi-Automatic Analysis of Invasion and Migration Transwell Assays (I-AbACUS)

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Transwell assays are another common experimental approach for the quantification of migration and invasion (see also Automatic quantification of (cancer) cell invasiveness). This method relies on a semi-permeable membrane and a layer of ...

Quantification of fluorescent protein markers in single bacterial cell

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The evaluation of phenotypic variability within an isogenic population of bacterial cells, requires the quantification of gene expression at single cell level. Flow cytometers and microscopy set-ups equipped with microfluidic devices and incubation chambers are instruments capable of evaluating the level of specific proteins in individual cells. However they are ...

Automatic quantification of (cancer) cell invasiveness

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Quantification of (cancer) cell invasiveness can be obtained through the "scratch wound healing assay", a simple experimental framework evaluating the rate at which the tested cells are able to fill a gap expressly produced in a confluent culture. Despite its being widely used, the approaches used to analyse this in-vitro assay lack standardization and do not allow ...